Egyptian Dukkah Roasted Spices, Seeds & Nuts

Riki skilfully blends freshly roasted nuts with seeds and selected spices to create this delicious condiment and traditional Middle Eastern side dish

Egyptian Dukkah Spice Mix

Discover the Magic of Our Egyptian Dukkah Spice

Experience a little trip to Egypt right from your kitchen with our Dukkah seasoning, a delightful Egyptian spice. You know that delightful crunch in salads? That’s what you get when you sprinkle some of this Dukkah spice. And meats? Just rub a bit of our Dukkah on them, and you’ll see what flavour really means. But if you’re up for a cosy evening snack, just grab some bread, dip it in olive oil, and then into our Dukkah mix. It’s these simple traditions that inspired us to make this spice mix. So, give it a try and let’s savour the taste of Egypt together!


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