About Riki Kaspi

Hi, My name is Riki Kaspi, I'm a chef and food enthusiast.

For me, nothing is more important than flavour.

Riki Kaspi, creator of the Spice Journey range of Middle Eastern and Moroccan food products, is a well known Perth chef, colourful food personality, and owner of the Cooking Professor cooking school.

Riki was born in Israel into a love and appreciation of the role and imporance of good food and grew up in the multicultural Middle East. Her Turkish mother came from a family of dedicated and intuitive home cooks and sharing food was central to the life of the home.

“There were no recipe books,” says Riki. “Recipes had always been handed down orally.”

Riki's Journey

Early years

Originally Riki worked as a professional actress, but when she migrated to Australia she decided to formalise her love of cooking and trained as a chef. It was when she was travelling with husband, Heni, a jazz saxophonist, and working in restaurants across France that Riki’s dream of owning her own French-style Bistro was born.

Blake’s Cafe

When Riki had completed her studies and qualified as a chef, she and Heni established a cosy café restaurant, Riki Blakes Café, in North Perth. Riki’s lifelong commitment to good food and her warm and welcoming personality quickly won her critical acclaim. The unique combination of French, North African and Middle Eastern cuisines she introduced, blended with the sounds of Heni’s live jazz, generated a unique atmosphere and a dedicated following with Perth’s food lovers.

Hitting Reset

In 2009 Riki and Heni sold Riki Blake’s and, after a further period of travel through Europe and the Middle East, they embarked on a new adventure to share Riki’s delicious flavours and love of great food.

The Cooking Professor

The Cooking Professor is Riki’s cooking school in Mt Hawthorn. There she and her talented team of chefs offer truly hands on cooking experiences sharing cuisines from around the world with individuals, private and corporate groups.

Last but not least…

The Riki Kaspi Spice Journey range of products is made in Riki’s kitchen at The Cooking Professor to her own recipes using fresh roasted spices, specially selected and blended with fresh herbs. Hand crafted, preservative free and 100% natural, the range makes it easy to share the delicious flavours of Riki’s famous food at home.

And Riki’s influence on our food journey doesn’t stop there. She has passed on her family recipe for ShakShuka, a traditional Moroccan breakfast of slow roasted tomatoes, eggs, herbs and spices, to son Elli. His ShakShuka stalls serving this delicious specialty are avidly sought at food events and markets across Perth.

Riki can also regularly be seen demonstrating her cooking techniques and sharing her enormous knowledge and love of food at Western Australia’s premier food events.

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What is a Moroccan Food or Cooking?

Moroccan food or Moroccan cooking is one of the latest food trends in Perth, Australia, especially in home-cooked meals. With its incredible blend of spices, sweet-and-savoury flavours and attractively textured dishes, the result is a healthy, delicious cuisine which will be a hit with everybody especially perfect for healthy dinner ideas for your family.

Originally, Moroccan traditional cooking or Moroccan flavours developed as a blend of cuisines and cultures from all throughout the world. With the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean on its coastlines, the Moroccan flavours were heavily influenced by its neighbours – European, Mediterranean, African Middle Eastern and even South American countries.

Moroccan dishes and its spices are inseparably linked. That’s why, when we’re talking about Moroccan food in Perth, we should start with the spices. Cumin, saffron, turmeric, ground ginger, cardamom, paprika, hot red peppers, white or black peppers and cinnamon are some of the essential spices of Moroccan foods which transform the individual dishes into a unique and delicious cuisine that is rich in Moroccan flavours.

Stressing about getting the right quantities of spices in Perth for your Moroccan food cooking? Don’t worry, Riki Kaspi has done the hard work for you. Her collection of Moroccan Spice Journey cooking pastes are a unique hand-crafted blend of premium quality spices products which can easily be applied to your Moroccan food cooking and create delicious easy family dinners with the authentic Moroccan flavours.