Shakshuka Moroccan Sauce With Spicy Harissa

Riki’s Shakshuka Sauce spiced-up with Riki’s Moroccan hot Harissa gives it a slight chilli ‘back-heat’ to Riki’s uniquely rich, savory flavour ready to cook tomato based sauce.

Riki’s Shakshuka Sauce also great for Pasta dishes, Chilli Mussels, Meatballs in tomato sauce, and any tomato sauce based dishes.

Spicy Shakshuka With Harissa

Why You’ll Love Our Shakshuka Moroccan Sauce With Spicy Harissa

Think of it as a morning alarm for your taste buds. Our fiery Harissa brings a taste adventure of Shakshuka spices to our distinctively rich tomato base, giving a gentle heat that you’ll crave again and again. It’s the secret ingredient that makes every dish pop. With our Spicy Shakshuka, each bite becomes a culinary journey. Experience the difference today, try it on your favourite dishes and watch them transform into an exotic delight.