Moroccan Chicken Tagine Chermoula Simmer Paste

This Chicken Chermoula Moroccan Marinade is fragrant with spices, herbs and sultanas, this concentrated flavour base is ideal for chicken and is also suitable for fish or vegetables.

Why You’ll Love Our Chicken Chermoula Simmer Paste for Moroccan Tagine

It’s more than just a paste – it’s a gateway to a flavour festival. With the touch of spices, our paste weaves a tapestry of flavours that take your veggies, chicken, or seafood from everyday to extraordinary. A dab in your pot, a gentle stir, and voilà! Your dishes are dancing to a Moroccan rhythm. Dive deep into culinary wonders with our Moroccan Vegetarian Tagine Chermoula Simmer Paste. Get ready for a taste journey that your food deserved all along!


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