Shakshuka Moroccan Sauce Original

Riki’s Shakshuka Sauce spiced with Riki’s Moroccan Ras el hanut spice mix gives it a uniquely rich, savory flavour ready to cook tomato based sauce.

Riki’s Shakshuka Sauce also great for Pasta dishes, Meatballs in tomato sauce, Chilli Mussels and any tomato sauce based dishes.

Why You’ll Love Our Shakshuka Moroccan Sauce

Culled from Riki’s Moroccan Ras el hanut spice mix, Riki’s Shakshuka Sauce is a gourmet revolution in pantry staples. From pasta dishes to meatballs in tomato sauce, chilli mussels, and other sauce-based dishes, let this sauce transport your tastebuds to the vibrant landscapes of Morocco.


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