Moroccan Harissa Paste Recipe

Spice up your favourite dishes with these great suggestions.

Mix with yoghurt, tahini, avocado or cream cheese and use as a dip for raw vegetables or toasted pita or turkish bread.

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How To Serve

  • Add Harissa to spice up dishes – Casseroles, soups & stir-fry
  • Spicy BBQ Marinade – Mix 1-2tsp Harissa with 3tbs olive oil, marinade 1/2kg meat, prawn, seafood, vegetables, and BBQ / grill
  • Spicy spreads & condiments – Mix Harissa with yogurt, tahini, cream cheese or mayonnaise
  • Seafood with Spicy Harissa Butter – Mix harissa with melted butter & brush seafood while grilling (Both sides)